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Welcome to BASIC CPH

At BASIC CPH you can find exactly the model or actor that suits your production or marketing needs. We are proud to have worked our way up to a worldwide agency when it comes to being able to represent faces with an interest in modeling, acting and the advertising industry.

Since 1991 the bookers of the model and actor agency has dedicated themselves to building a strong diverse model archive which today contains more than 6000 men, women, child models, sport models, plussize models, hand and body models as well as professional models, actors and type models who is all ready to be booked for exciting new jobs. We put in the greatest effort in being able to find exactly the faces they our clients feel represents their brand the best or hit the target audience they specially have in mind.

Whether you are looking for a real handyman, a sharp business woman, an outgoing playful child or a whole family – we have it for you. And if you are missing something on the website.. we will find it for you anyway!


  • How can I become a model / actor at BASIC CPH?

    Find our online application under the tab ”become a model” here on the website. Fill in the required information and upload a few pictures. Our response period is 2-3 weeks and you will hear from us with an answer whether you get accepted or not.

  • Does I need to pay anything to be a model at BASIC CPH?

    No. We have no membership fees or payment subscriptions. Our only requirement is that your profile with us is updated with good photos, so we can present you correctly. You have the opportunity to submit professionel/good photos yourself or otherwise we offer a portfolio session with our in house photographer for the cost of 300.- DKK

  • Can I be represented as a model in several agencies at once?

    No. We only allow you to be associated with one agency at a time. We often work and present for clients at the same time as other agencies and without a clear representation, a lot of confusion and misunderstandings can appear. In addition, the bookers must be aware of your advertising history the best possible way, so that we do not book you for competing companies without informing about this.

  • What requirements do you have for your models?

    As a starting point we have no requirements, neither for height, weight, or appearance. We are just looking to see if the models match some of the demands we get from our clients. Our requirements are thus more that we can see the models in an an advertising context which we have many different forms of.

  • Can everyone become a model at BASIC CPH?

    When we accept a new model, it’s because we believe and hope that we will be able to get them a job and some good experiences, so even though we have many different clients, we do not accept everyone. But we also make sure that all types are represented, because we have a reputation for having ”all” opportunities at our agency – so we are able to cover all kinds of request.

  • What kind of commercials are you booking for?

    We do a lot of different types of jobs. Our clients are everyone from LEGO, Zara, Bilka, Velux, H&M, Silvan, B&O and many more, and all these clients have different types they are looking for as it can be a tractor, nail polish, kids clothing, video game, medicine or something completely different they need to market. That is why we need a lot of different models and probably accept more faces than other agencies.

  • I have been on a job, when do I get paid?

    Find your welcome letter or visit our article about terms and conditions under the tab “about BASIC CPH”. Here you can read all about the procedure before, during and after a booked job.

  • My model application has been rejected, why?

    We receive a lot of great applications every day and therefore we must be a little bit tough in the selection as we simply cannot include everyone in our archive. If you have been rejected it is because your profile does not currently match our demands from clients or that we do not lack your type in our database – and thus not believe being able to provide work for you.

  • What should you be prepared for if you are accepted as a model?

    We accept the models we believe having something special about them or we can see deamands for, but in the end, it is always up to the client to choose exactly you for the job. We present you when you fit in the requested category. Some often gets jobs, others less often and some not at all. It’s not at all because the missing part is not great faces, but simply because it is a specific hair, nose or certain size that dictates the choice from the instructors. We always recommend that our models take the acceptance at BASIC CPH as a fun little opportunity which might be able to get you a fun experience once a while.

  • I have been hired as a model but get no jobs – can I do anything?

    Check out our blog here on the website and find “the model’s photo guide to the best online portfolio”. It helps you to create the most optimal profile.

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Our big archive has over 6500 women, men, child models, celebrities and type models.
No matter what kind of model you’re looking for – we can match your needs.


When it comes to choosing new models, we are a bit strict. Not everyone gets accepted, but all is welcome to send us an application. We accept new models after a thorough evaluation, so our clients know they are in good hands here at BASIC CPH.


BASIC CPH have great experience with all kinds of bookings, castings and commercials. We have a sweet professional set of bookers and a committed staff of photographers, stylists and makeup-artists, who can make any task go smoothly and easy for you.

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