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An actors way to the greatest casting

A blogpost for the actor who want's to give a good impression for the upcoming casting!

Would you like to give the best impression of yourself to a casting? But maybe you are in doubt of how you dress and prepare most optimal for your arrival? Whether you are an actor or a model, you can read our blog post and grab some great advice on the way! In the models and actors industry you can experience the wish for a client to see you "live" or perform in a certain way before they decide on who fits the best for their upcoming job which is why it is key that you shine trough at the casting!


What are the "ground rules" for your attendance at the casting?

Be fresh and well rested and always arrive on time (preferably 10 minutes before) so you are ready on the exact time for your appointment with the Caster. Models and actors are often booked at short intervals and the time schedule can quickly slip which is way it is important that you have your attendance in order. You may often also be asked to fill out information sheets about yourself, so make sure to have some time both before and after the casting to get this in place if necessary.


How do you prepare the best before a casting?

If you have received speaking lines or other descriptions of your casting you will of course need to use a reasonable amount of time to practice this until you are able to master it the best way possible. Otherwise you just prepare your mind for being open to a scene and let yourself act into it the best fitting way. Also be prepared to always be able to give the caster a short presentation of yourself and have your previous experiences/commercial history in order.


How do you give the caster the best impression of yourself?

Did you know that surveys show that it doesn't take more than 7 seconds for us to decide whether we like the person standing in front of us? This is why it is key that your first impression is the best possible and you are aware that your charisma and your outfit plays an important part as well. Sometimes you may be asked to wear something specific, but most often it is yourself who are responsible for dressing appropriately for your casting. We recommend you to think about the role the Caster have to imagine you in. One thing is your performance, but as mentioned it is optimal that the caster can imagine you in the desired role already at first glance. If you have to be a cool businesswoman it makes sense to try to emphasize this with your outfit by wearing a smart suit, a nice blouse and blazer or a pair of shoes which clicks a little when arriving ;-)

From then it is just about giving it all you got! You only have the given time to make them convinced about you being just the right cast for the role, so don't hold anything back but show them all what you are capable of.

All the best to you and your upcoming casting!


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