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How do an actor/model make the best selfcasting/selftape at home?

A blogpost for the actor/model who has to deliver a great casting from home!

When you are a part of BASIC CPH you can be contacted with job inquiries containing both still images and video shoots, and in connection with the more live and play-oriented recordings customers will often want to see you perform "live" before deciding on a cast as there are a big difference between still images in for example your portfolio and the ability to act in a commercial. If they are not able to plan a casting with them then they ask for a casting from you at home. In these cases we will therefore ask you to record a selftape. Below you will find some good advice on how to make it the best possible way.



  • Always ensure good lighting (preferably natural daylight), a clear image and that the sound is coming through perfectly. Position the camera/Iphone horizontally so you have a wide frame and can sit nicely in front of the screen.
  • Make sure to wear a nice set of clothing and naturally styled hair. No nightwear, nudity or sloppy hair. You can advantageously "dress for the customer and the role" meaning if you are cast to being a business woman/man then wear a shirt/blazer and if you are cast for a farmer then you tone it down to a more casual look.
  • If you have been asked for a regular presentation be sure to include: name, age, occupation, agency (BASIC CPH) and some interest of yours or other good characteristics. Again you can focus on something that can support you in the role you are cast for.
    - a craftsman likes to use his hands, a sporty types loves activity and a football dad likes to play with the kids etc. 
  • If you have been asked for a specific casting then PRACTICE. Get involved in the role so that you get to act it well, learn any lines by heart and then get started with a few different shots, so you are able to find just the right version and can choose the very best tape in the end. NOTE! It is important that you follow all the requested steps in a description of a casting. There is a reason why they want to see the described steps. It may be ok to improvise or add a little, but it really needs to be thought trough and make sense.
  • You can also be asked to attach a fresh image of yourself. Here you simply make sure to take an ordinary portrait in good lightning so the customer has the opportunity to get a complete impression of your exact look here and now. If there are full figure, profile or other requests then you just follow the same procedure.
  • If a casting sheet is included then you need to fill out all steps and attach this when submitting the casting files. Always fill in the contact details with the information on your agency, BASIC CPH (address, telephone and e-mail) and then be sure to note the exact sizes, important characteristics or any previous experience if requested. If you are in doubt which previous commercials or assignments are relevant or may conflict with the new job then call the agency and ask about the details of your recordings.
  • Finally you collect your relevant files and make a single email to your booker via WeTransfer. The website allows you to send larger files than when sending via email and then you make sure your booker receives everything at once.

A casting is your way of making the role suit you! So imagine yourself in the directors head and then highlight yourself in the best way according to the role you are cast for.


1, 2, 3, - RECORD!


Psst.. if you have to participate in a live casting then we recommend you to read  An actors way to the greatest casting for the best tips about your preparation and appearance! And remember that you are always welcome to contact your booker if you have any further questions!