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The model's photo guide to the best online portfolio

Here is your guide to getting the best model profile at the model and actor agency BASIC CPH

The most important step of them all: good pictures! A nice set of pictures is the first step towards the good model profile. It is with these pictures that you as a model are presented by BASIC CPH to the incoming clients and thus those who must make the clients choose exactly you. We as bookers are therefore also only interested in getting you presented the best way possible, so our sweet clients can see how gorgeous all of our many faces are! In the article here, you can therefore read about the most important steps on how to shoot a good set of pictures from home.

The 5 most important tips for the models portfolio pictures

  • BASIC CPH needs a portrait preferably with and without a smile as well as half and full figure as minimum.
    - In addition all models are always welcome to include some fine 'situational' pictures. It can be from previous model jobs, active sport photos or a trip where the model is looking sharp or presentable in another way. The most optimal number of pictures for a startup portfolio or an update is 6-8 pieces.
  • Surroundings/background must be spot on! It is really important to ensure a nice neutral background on all pictures.
    - Be super aware of "dirty" walls, door handles, other people etc. The model could choose a pretty background in the nature or a nice house wall, the most important thing is just that the model is in the center and the surroundings do not look messy.
  • Natural daylight (outside) is the most optimal for quality and lightning in the pictures.
    - Avoid artificial indoor light (after the sun has gone down with a lamp on) or rooms without great light incidence as it often blurs pictures or gives it a reddish tone. Your pictures from home should try to frame the look from some classic good studio photos the best way possible, so the better natural light the model can bring out, the better result will also appear.
  • Do not use filters and oblique angles! Shoot the pictures straight on and without editing.
    - The agency does not approve the use of various filters which changes the look of the model in any way. Whether it is "just" the skin tone, an impurity or similar. Further there must be no sunglasses, hats, costumes or other dress up elements in the category of clothing which can cover the natural look. The model's photos must be able to show the clients exactly what they are booking for a photoshoot.
  • Send all photos together in one email via www.wetransfer.com to your agent contact or BASIC CPH's photographer (find info on all BASIC CPH employees at the website under the tab 'contact us')
    - NOTE to model kids; remember to include exact updated height and shoe size on children at each time as well.


The guide here is made so that BASIC CPH is able to present you the best way possible to the clients. The better the pictures, the better the opportunities for fun and exciting model and/or actor jobs in the advertising industry. In addition to the pictures it is also always important to inform BASIC CPH about other changes which can affect the presentation of you (piercings, hair color/haircut, tattoos, new clothing size etc.). As bookers we have a responsibility to the clients who we present you to and if not you, and thus us, can live up to what the clients have expected of a booking after the presentation/model casting, then it creates mistrust and sad consequences. We therefore hope that you will follow this guide carefully and give us your best shot.

Remember that you are also always welcome to book a photoshoot appointment with us if you do not feel able to take the necessary portfolio photos yourself.  We are a model and actor agency with headquarter in Copenhagen at Nannasgade 28, 2200 KBH N. Here we can offer a set of photoshoot dates every month with our in house photographer. You just write to one of the bookers to be informed about the next photo options so you can be offered a specific photo time booked for your visit at our studio. The price is 300.-.

Psst.. We also go to Aarhus 3-4 times a year to offer photo sessions for our Jutland located models. If this is your case then you can also write us to hear about the next photoshoot dates or the opportunity to be put on a call list for when the next time is scheduled.