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Find our BASIC CPH models on the big storefronts

The shopping centers greatly enjoy booking both children and adults from BASIC CPH

If you stroll around the vibrant city life, you have a great chance of spotting a lovely face from BASIC CPH. Lately, the modeling agency has had great pleasure in finding both children and adults for upcoming campaigns at major shopping centers such as Amager Centret, Frederiksberg Centret and Lyngby Storcenter. These campaigns run both online and indoors in the centers, but especially the storefronts have benefited greatly from the fashionable and colorful images showcasing the modern trends within the stores.

In the gallery below, you'll find a selection of various images produced recently, ranging from beautiful spring campaigns to anniversary celebrations and Christmas spirit.


BASIC CPH understands that no two individuals are alike and finds you the exact desired look

The selection of stores and represented focus varies from center to center, thus we've been able to present both children and youth from our KIDS category as well as adults from BASIC CPH, BASIC COPENHAGEN SPORT and BASIC COPENHAGEN PRO depending on the specific wishes from the stores.

At Amager Centret, our client desired to cast models specifically for a selection of brands, so each model had to represent a different store in style, appearance, and attitude. For instance, our cool male model Sebastian was cast specifically for Spejdersport with his raw, sporty, outdoor look, while our other well-dressed male model Søren represented Mr. Henrik P and their elegant tailored clothing universe.

At Lyngby Storcenter, we had the pleasure of participating in celebrating their 50th anniversary with a fantastic older segment of BASIC CPH models representing the loyal customers and the long-standing stability of Lyngby Storcenter. Additionally, we went all out on styling for their Christmas campaign, where both young and older models were booked for sequins, glitter and festive vibes to celebrate the joyous season.

Frederiksberg Centret has focused on our BASIC COPENHAGEN PRO models for the major spring and autumn campaigns, where two selected models lead the presentation of the new seasons and therefore needed to stand out with their unique looks. Our experienced models, Hedda and Khavaquiah, as well as Lisa and Martin, have been at the forefront of the last three campaigns, which featured both sports and everyday fashion on the posters.


Get inspired in our archive and choose your favorites

Your casting can start with an archive from us, allowing you as a client to easily sit back and let us present you with a recommended cast based on your specific criteria. In the archive, you can categorize desired categories, get direct links to full portfolios, make comments on the models and add/delete as desired. Therefore, it's a popular tool at BASIC CPH in collaboration with our many clients, as it makes the casting process efficient and super manageable. Further it's not just BASIC CPH who can create the archive for you as a client, but also a tool which you can log into and use if you want to start an archive yourself to base on together with us. Find our archive function on the website under "my archive".

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