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Sonder Agency starts an exciting new chapter

New faces, new ideas and a new experienced team in front of the type management, Sonder Agency

After almost 2 years filled with exciting succesfull bookings and client relations the goals and ambitions have only grown even greater, so when the opportunity presented itself for BASIC CPH to be a 100% in front of the sister agency, Sonder Agency, it was not difficult to take the opportunity. The ownership and operation of the growing type agency is therefore now completely in the hands of the creative team at BASIC CPH, who have already expanded the website with a team of new cool faces and likewise have a number of exciting cool new creative initiatives on the drawing board.


The preservation of a strong agency and purpose

Sonder Agency continues its strong profile as the agency who celebrates diversity and the unique beauty, where you as a client can find a carefully handpicked selection of fantastic type models. As we have previously described Sonder Agency is the epitome of challenging the classic ideas of beauty by representing a wider range of personalities where each model's unique characteristics are highlighted rather than hidden. There are no boxes to fit in here - all models must create their own personal box and bring their unique qualities to life through photo shoots, video productions and fashion shows, so you as a client get a model, not only as a face, but also as a co-creator towards a fantastic result.

This idea is precisely what has driven Sonder Agency since the start-up at the end of 2021 and the BASIC CPH team believes a 100% in the continuation of this very purpose. The number of big brands that quickly caught the eye of the new growing agency is numerous and out of these we can mention productions as Mads Nørgaard, Another Aspect, Zalando, Soulland, MUJI, Hvisk and Jungle Cat as well as countless fashion shows during the fashion weeks with clients like both Saks Potts, Wood Wood and Helmstedt as well as Stamm, Baum und Pferdgarten, Prada and (d)vision.

The BASIC CPH team has in collaboration with the creative team used its more than 30 years of experience in the industry to jointly achieve the bookings above and only has the intentions of continuing the strong work with even more man(woman)-power and focus after the new 100% ownership.


Keep an eye on the website and your next type model

You can already find an extra group of unique beautiful type models on the website, because we allied ourselves with the talented photographer, Seth Nicolas, who has created magic with the new profiles and continued the strong expression Sonder Agency is known for. We are already looking forward to how BASIC CPH again will have even more opportunity to influence the industry in the direction that types are many and more should be able to be reflected in the marketing we are constantly presented for. From the start is has been a clear ambition to run inspiring databases with a mix of all ages, sizes, ethnicities and types. Comparison destroys individuality and personality, so we encourage everyone, models as clients, to cultivate uniqueness and rest in the fact that the world comes with space and reflection of all beauties.

As a model you can apply to be a part of Sonder Agency on our website and as a client you can book your next type model by contacting us here. Let's drive Sonder Agency together towards a new and even stronger chapter.

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