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2024-05-02 13:01:01 - Categories: Campaign, Fashion, Jobs, Models

Find our BASIC CPH models on the big storefronts

If you stroll around the vibrant city life, you have a great chance of spotting a lovely face from BASIC CPH. Lately, the modeling agency has had great pleasure in finding both children and adults for upcoming campaigns at major shopping centers such as Amager Centret, Frederiksberg Centret and Lyngby Storcenter. Read about the collabs and see a various of the many great photos.

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2022-08-08 14:42:33 - Categories: Kampagne, Mode, Modeller

Child models on photoshoot with the children's clothing brand MOLO

BASIC COPENHAGEN KIDS has once again booked boy and girl models for a photoshoot with Molo and the gallery gives you the latest cool pictures of our attitude filled young faces modeling. Some of the models has actually been working with the child brand several times now and has experienced from other jobs as well. With the right portfolio and spirit your child can have the chance to become quite popular with our clients and get a lot of great experiences when being presented by BASIC COPENHAGEN KIDS.

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2022-05-11 13:44:04 - Categories: Campaign, Fashion, Models

Feel the summer with our models on job with Ilse Jacobsen

Read about the collaboration between the cool Media and Communication Agency, Mindshare and BASIC CPH, in the work towards finding the perfect models for Ilse Jacobsen's beautiful outdoor photo shoot, where the focus was on the natural beautiful vibes in interaction with the models' contribution to both diversity, edge and summer mood. In addition, get to know more about BASIC CPH's different departments of models and our many levels of experience and type of models.

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2020-08-11 15:47:34 - Categories: Kampagne

A sunny shooting day at d'Angleterre!

An exciting collab appeared just as the recent world epidemic gave us a little bit more room to start working again. BASIC CPH got contacted by the talented photographer, Ulrik from Buro Jantzen, who we are luckily to have a great contact with, and he presented a cool upcoming project with the beautiful wellknown Hotel d'Angleterre. Of course we wanted to help!

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2020-05-27 10:42:38 - Categories: Modeller

Brand new PRO portfolios

We at BASIC CPH always do our best to keep our profiles updated with fresh and strong pictures. Recently Vanessa, Head of PRO, took a round of new faces in our PRO department and made some great new shoots for their portfolios online. The idea is to keep it simple and clean to present the models in the best natural and beautiful way as possible.

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2020-05-11 13:53:35 - Categories: Kampagne, Mode, Modeller

Christmas campaign with Pandora

A couple months ago BASIC CPH got contacted about a huge Pandora production, which was going to be casted over the summer. Our dedicated employees jumped to the computers in the summer heat and put in a great effort in getting our best models casted. Luckily we succeeded and the first campaign dropped was the Christmas campaign. We are proud of the models involved and the great work they did!

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