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2023-08-25 15:16:43 - Categories: Campaign, Fashion, Models

MUJI gets attention with BASIC CPH models

The Japanese brand MUJI found their models at BASIC CPH when having to present themselves on the Danish market and fortunately MUJI is just one of the big international brands the bookers from BASIC CPH have been lucky to work with. After over 30 years of experience the bookers are happy to both be able to send our models on photo shoots around Europe as well as fly worldwide models to Denmark to work with the big brands. Read the article about MUJI and other exciting collaborations at BASIC CPH.

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2022-05-11 13:44:04 - Categories: Campaign, Fashion, Models

Feel the summer with our models on job with Ilse Jacobsen

Read about the collaboration between the cool Media and Communication Agency, Mindshare and BASIC CPH, in the work towards finding the perfect models for Ilse Jacobsen's beautiful outdoor photo shoot, where the focus was on the natural beautiful vibes in interaction with the models' contribution to both diversity, edge and summer mood. In addition, get to know more about BASIC CPH's different departments of models and our many levels of experience and type of models.

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2021-02-05 14:11:28 - Categories: Kampagne, Mode, Modeller

Photoshoot with Garia Golf and a unique team of typemodels from BASIC CPH

The article gives an insight on the creative proces and planning of the photoshoot with Garia Golf and a unique team of BASIC CPH typemodels. The photographer, Ulrik Jantzen contacted the model- and actors agency regarding a wild upcoming photoshoot and the request fitted perfectly with the need for the specific typemodels which the agency represents among a lot of other cool models and actors.

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2020-06-02 14:16:05 - Categories: Kampagne, Mode, Modeller

Cool kids modeling for BOOZT

We were very excited when BOOZT reached out to book some of our young faces for their upcoming fashion shoot. It was a pleasure to see all the expressions and poses they did and we are loving the result. The shoot is colorful and strong, and we just got a new request for their next fashion shoot as well! High five to our young models who made BASIC CPH deliver!

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2020-05-27 10:42:38 - Categories: Modeller

Brand new PRO portfolios

We at BASIC CPH always do our best to keep our profiles updated with fresh and strong pictures. Recently Vanessa, Head of PRO, took a round of new faces in our PRO department and made some great new shoots for their portfolios online. The idea is to keep it simple and clean to present the models in the best natural and beautiful way as possible.

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2020-05-11 13:53:35 - Categories: Kampagne, Mode, Modeller

Christmas campaign with Pandora

A couple months ago BASIC CPH got contacted about a huge Pandora production, which was going to be casted over the summer. Our dedicated employees jumped to the computers in the summer heat and put in a great effort in getting our best models casted. Luckily we succeeded and the first campaign dropped was the Christmas campaign. We are proud of the models involved and the great work they did!

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2020-04-02 14:06:06 - Categories: Kampagne, Modeller


YOUSEE has created the most lovely pictures for their latest campaign in collaboration with 14 models from BASIC CPH. Both children and adults had a blast creating authentic and cosy situations and we are very proud of the result.

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