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Apply and be discovered as a model

As a model and actors agency we receive a lot of applications every day.. and we love it! Our pro model, Taby, are a classic example of one of the women, who possesses some amazing skills to create fantastic results without knowing it. Taby applied through our online application form back in 2020 and she started a smoking hot model career from the beginning. Within the first 6 months her work included exciting experiences with big jobs for both Pandora, Flying Tiger, Stressless, Oticon and Tempur where she has been acting as everything from a super cool speaker in commercials to a lovely woman dressed in both beautiful jewelry and clothing.


Great modeling jobs, great experiences

In addition she has also gotten the opportunity to participate in some beautiful shoots with skilled photographers, who found her perfect for some amazing setups. Here in the gallery you can view a part of her session with the young cool photographer, Josefine Berzant and if you want to see more of the gorgeous Taby, you can check out her online portfolio here on the website. Every model who gets accepted at the agency will get their own personal profile online with a set of representative pictures and a set of data where height, sizes, location and model category is specified. The professional category will come from the skills or the experiences and in Taby's case it was the very strong natural talent which immediately got her model adventure going at full speed!


Are you also interested in being a part of the model agency?

If you are like Taby and walks around with an interest in the model industry and you consider yourself outgoing, photogenic and ready for a chance for some new experiences, then remember you are always welcome to fill out an application under the fane 'Become a model' and come into consideration for acceptance at the model agency. Maybe you're up next for some modelwork! We regularly accept models in many different categories and have no specific requirements for model height, weight or type, as we accept on the basis of demands from clients and these range enormously wide in their many cool productions.  We embrace a total of 6 strong categories, which contains a wide range of cool typemodels and actors, sport models, plussize models, hand- and bodymodels, kids models and professional models. You can visit the different websites via the fan on the mainside and take a look on what the different categories embraces by browsing through the models or reading the news on the site where we regularly write about our collabs and the productions our models participate in.


Read more about the professional department

In some of the previous articles here on the site or our sub sites you can among others read about our previous big photoshoot with Ilse Jacobsen, our Be-You campaign with Magasin and actually also how the idea arose for the PRO department in collab with the top professional model, Vanessa Stuhr Ellegaard and is continuously evolving in line with the growing interest from both clients and models, which we have started up some great collabs with. Although there are no doubt the COVID crisis left its mark on the big startup, we have great expectations for the future and we look forward to getting started with even more exciting ideas and collabs just waiting to be launched from us at BASIC CPH.

Apply, be discovered and get the chance to jump on an exciting new adventure with us :-)

Photographer: Josefine Berzant