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BASIC CPH wins 'Børsen Gazelle 2022'

Fantastic colleagues, loyal as new clients and last but not least a database of gorgeous models

It was with pride in her voice when El Bosso of the agency, Sissi Antonsen suddenly burst out in the office that BASIC CPH had won a Børsen Gazelle 2022. An envelope had come through the door, which had initially given her the impression of being one of the many advertisements, but which suddenly surprised with its content. In the fine text, Børsen congratulated BASIC CPH with being one of the country's fastest growing companies this year.

"Getting the title 'Børsen Gazelle' is an achievement that requires something out of the ordinary", Børsen writes on their site, and it confirms to us employees that the energy and passion we all put into our work at BASIC CPH pays off. It requires at least a doubling of a company's turnover over a period of 4 years to get a Børsen Gazelle and with the corona crisis in mind, we are extra proud of how we at the model agency have managed to adapt during challenges and achieve good results in despite.


From 100 to zero and from zero to 100

When corona hit and the country officially shut down, everything was cancelled within a split second. We looked at each other with wide eyes as we each received messages from our clients saying they had to cancel the booking and await the situation. Suddenly the order book was blank and the good advices expensive, as no one knew what this crisis actually entailed or would have of consequences. However, we were not slow to decide that the time had to be used as best as possible and therefore we focused on making BASIC CPH even sharper until we could once again send out our lovely models. The website and our model database got a proper makeover, and in collaboration with our sweet clients we quietly started talking through the production possibilities. Everything from home recordings to friend/family bookings was organized, so we made sure the "bubbles" could be preserved and the chains of infection did not extend beyond what was safe. It required a lot more preparatory work, but when we bookers look back, it was exactly the main reason many of our loyal clients could count on us and bookings started to bloom again for our models.

As society quietly opened up, BASIC CPH was therefore involved from the start and at the same time could proudly present a new website with more functions for both our models and clients in the form of both our archive, news and blog, as well as a system able to handle a lot more administrative work, so both models, orders and contracts could be handled with an even easier process for everyone.


A working family with strong ties and a good history

BASIC CPH is a small company when it comes to the permanent employees, but this also results in the close bond between us being one of the factors we value most in relation to the agency's success and the reason for our Børsen Gazelle 2022. We are always in charge of the communication individually with our bookings/clients, but also always collaborate internally and you rarely come to BASIC CPH for a short while. The employee core has many years on the CV at BASIC CPH and the same applies to a part of our models. Because in addition to the employees and our continuously new gorgeous child models and adult models who are being accepted, part of our database actually also represents models and actors who have been with us for many years. Last but not least, we have loyal clients who have made their bookings at BASIC CPH from the very beginning over 30 years ago. We love the idea that BASIC CPH can feel like being part of an extra family, both for employees, clients and models, and we will always encourage new faces to apply to join.

Never hesitate to contact us - we gazelles have learned to run really fast ;-)

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