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BASIC CPH's child models on photoshoot with Jack & Jones Junior

Boy models with really cool attitude

At BASIC CPH we are super proud of our child models as they continue to impress cool clients over and over again. One of them is Jack & Jones Junior, who among others got their eyes on some of our boy models on our website, Anakin and Jamie, who have already given all they got on both their summer- and Christmas photoshoot.

Both cool locations was in Copenhagen and the boys were styled super cool in the upcoming collections from the young brands. Jack & Kones is always super creative with their ideas and our young boys delivered all from big great smiles and playful expression to a really cool attitude on the different photoshootings, which took place on both the active places around Nørrebro, in a gaming hall and around in inner city. We look forward to seeing the future results as the two boys have just been booked again!

Should your boy also have the chance to become a child model?

Do your child also have a dream about doing some modeling or impress to a casting or even try acting or other fun jobs? Then fill out an application here. We are a models and actors agency located in Copenhagen, which also include our kids agency, but we accept models from both Fyn, Jutland and abroad. The most important thing is simply that it is the desire that drives the work! The right mood in an image comes from the energy that a model delivers when working. That is why we as an agency focus especially on the sparkle in the eyes, because whether you are a boy model, girl model, teenage model or an adult model, it is not only your natural appearance that makes the outcome when a costumer and photographer works for the exact right look on a shoot. To work as a model is just like any other job - something that requires sincere desire, practice and good energy to get the best results.

Read more about previous model jobs and great tips

As mentioned we are a large model agency with several categories and therefore you will also find associated websites for each category, which can introduce you a little more to that what exactly is the focus. If you visit the KIDS page, "KIDS" (direct link via the header here on the main page) you will find our young models in the age of 0 to 14 years and at the news section you can read about several previous jobs where our cool child models have been out participating in great experiences with different young brands. In addition we will start our blog post soon where we will regularly post articles with good advices  and tips on how to behave the best way possible in the industry. This will include everything from articles about how your kid's profile will appear the strongest and be an eye-catcher in the crowd when customers visit our site, to descriptions of how to make your best selftape/casting for a job or be prepared the best once you have gotten the opportunity to get out on your first job.

Remember you are always welcome to write us if you have any further questions.