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Cool Obiebébé child models from BASIC COPENHAGEN KIDS

BASIC COPENHAGEN KIDS models in front at the launch of the new gender-neutral children's clothing brand

Obiebébé is the name of the new cool sustainable children's clothing brand, which marks that every kind of color is for every kind of child. There is no style destined for one gender. The brand is Danish and the founder is the talented Charlotte Sandgreen, who contacted BASIC COPENHAGEN KIDS to hear about the opportunity to book a unique team of young lovely child models who were ready to give a lot of attitude and play in the studio on Østerbro.

The bookers at the model agency were fans of the concept and had no doubt that the many new Obiebébé styles would look great on a selection of girl and boy models from BASIC COPENHAGEN KIDS. There were wishes for some child models that could deliver a little edge and mood - and overall a team that could reflect diversity in relation to the beautiful world we live in today.


The model agency with a focus on diversity and happy models

A good team of child models with room for everyone is fortunately something that BASIC CPH has a strong focus on and has spent many years building a database around. From the very beginning of the model agency, the strategy have been to be able to present everything from mixed ethnicities and naughty freckles to different heights, shapes and special characteristics. In recent times, bookers have also had the opportunity to book different jobs for large clients with beautiful children having for example Down syndrome, disability in form of a missing hand or sitting in a wheelchair. We are super excited that some of the big players on the market are leading the way on the society goal involving to get more characters and types reflected and make everything more relatable in the society for the individual.

The team of Obiebébé was definitely determined from the above goal, as the child models ended up in a nice team consisting of the boy models, Daniel and Winston, as well as the girl models, Lucca, Isabelle and Fiona. Daniel is for example one of our beautiful little boys with Down syndrome and in terms of ethnicity we have mixed gorgeous genes from Denmark, Iraq, Africa, India and Japan. Just as mixed as you would also be able to meet them in kindergarten, in the schoolyard or at work. In the gallery below you can see a nice selection of the many gorgeous photos with the cute young models. With the right smile, good energy and not least a super nice collection, we definitely believe that it proves a simple white background can be just enough to get a great result!


Find your BASIC COPENHAGEN KIDS model here on the website or on Instagram

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