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Feel the summer with our models on job with Ilse Jacobsen

From sunshine to rain and from morning to evening with beautiful BASIC CPH women

Last year the cool Media and Communication Agency Mindshare came up with a request on a couple of female models in different ages who could represent and contribute with diversity, edge and natural vibes.  The client was Ilse Jacobsen, who was to start a re-positioning of the brand itself, where the expression should be more different and contemporary than it had presented itself so far.

The ladies at BASIC CPH have always been happy with Ilse Jacobsens brand and universe, and therefore it was only exciting with an opportunity to contribute to this photoshoot, which was to take place in Hornbæk with natural settings in everything from summer fun in the garden to sunsets on the beach. However the most important of all was the light and playful summer mood with laughter, smiles and the feeling of the sweet life. You can see a selection of the fine result in the gallery below, where you can also spot our three female models, Desiree, Simone and Marie.


Models with rich experience

The three beautiful women actually ended up being selected from our PRO department. BASIC COPENHAGEN PRO is a category under BASIC CPH, which brings together a number of male and female models from the main page, which we can guarantee have a greater experience or practice with modeling work. Here among others you will find experienced models, who BASIC CPH has had the pleasure of representing for many years and who thus have a rich job history with us. In addition you can also find some of our skilled foreign/worldwide models, who we represent in collaboration with foreign professional agencies, which whom they have worked with for several years.

However Simone, Desiree and Marie are all models from Denmark, who have each built up their experience here and who we confidently send out knowing that they can meet a client's wishes for various expressions, finding the good angles and general cooperation to get the planned material in house.


A database with a wide range of skilled faces

BASIC CPH currently has around 7000 child models under BASIC COPENHAGEN KIDS and adult models in everything from sport models, plussize models, hand and body models as well as actors, who all have a different level of experience, but who we as a modeling agency have evaluated are ready for job bookings. Everyone who cannot deliver material from previous jobs/portfolios when they are to be accepted, is called in for a photo session at BASIC CPH, where we test the model in front of the camera in our studio and take the necessary photos for their profile with us. You can therefore find models who have never done previous jobs, but who have both the interest and the commitment to give what it takes in combination with us finding them working well in front of the camera. Many of our models have actually started completely "green" with us, but have now build up so much great job history that we can sell them as highly experienced amateur actors.

When it comes to the younger children, of course there is always a "risk" of them becoming insecure or just not having a good day. However fortunately this is very rare as you can often sense the energy and level of extroversion of the children when they are in the photo studio with us at BASIC CPH. But if you as a client would like to be 100% covered in major cases or due to other restrictions, then we are used to helping clients book the so-called "backups" or "standbys". This means we confirm/book children as a 2nd priority and who are then ready to jump on set if there are any complications with the first model. This is also an option for adult models if you want to secure yourself against illness or so. If you do not have a backup, then you can of course also safely count on us immediately helping you find a new model in the database who can show up in case of complications.

Remember you can contact BASIC CPH on our main number all day and press 1 outside of our opening hours in case of illness or other booking emergencies.