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Let BASIC CPH take care of your next casting

Find the right models or actors for your next production

BASIC CPH are a Model and Actor Agency which with our bookers and large archive gives you a platform with rich experience on all kinds of casting and makes the time-consuming tasks for our clients more smooth and with great success. Whether you are faced with an assignment that requires a fresh and outgoing boy or girl model, or an expressive and distinctive man or woman for a commercial, we will make sure you feel secure and good with the chosen model/models, you confirm for the job.

At the moment you can search, look and click your way through our model and actor archive on the website with no less than 6500 faces in all wonderful ages, genders and types, who are all ready for your next production. You can also visit our sub-pages: KIDS, SPORT, PROFESSIONALS, PLUSSIZE and HAND&BODY if you have a specific category in which you want to intensify your search in.


Picture casting, selftapes or live casting

The possibilities are many when it comes to the proces of finding the right types for a production. At BASIC CPH you as a client can start by searching our large database or send us the desired criteria and let us help by sending the best recommended options in your category. Afterwards the pictures may have given you the needed impression and you are simply just ready to make your booking. NB! We always ensure the model has confirmed their look matching their portfolio with us 100% and if not, you will receive a fresh portrait for assessment.

If your next production requires a little more than just a picture to confirm the smile or another expression working well, we always offer our clients to provide selftapes or arrange a live casting tailored exactly to the client's needs.


When choosing selftapes the bookers ensure your selected models record themselves from their home base as best as possible according to a brief from you as a client describing what expressions/action you need for evaluation. The wishes could as an example include them having to cheer during a tennis game with great enthusiasm, open a present with excitement, juggle a football or give a loving, warm look to a daughter or a son who is playing around. Regardless of whether it is the small expressions or the great abilities you look for as a client, the models give their best take on the role with their home setup and options.

Live casting

If you need a more professional setup for the presentation and evaluation of your casting, BASIC CPH will arrange the video casting for you. We call in the desired team of models or actors to our studio and record what you or the director wishes so all castings take place in the same setup with background, light, sounds and options. BASIC CPH instructs the models, records everything and sends it all together to you.


BASIC CPH will help you all the way

Our agency is aware the tasks are many and varied, and despite the fact that we are proud to present such a large archive, there may be some specific requests on models or actors who do not appear at first sight on the website. In these cases you as a client can safely count on us with our large network, many daily applications and ongoing scouting, to do everything we can to find the right faces for you. The bookers are often on the street with business cards and only enjoy approaching new gorgeous faces who have not discovered their possibilities themselves yet.

So if you place your booking with BASIC CPH, you can confidently count on us to do everything necessary, so you as a client can succeed with the right faces for your next production.

Call or write us via the contact information on the website and let us help you with your next production.