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Photoshoot with Garia Golf and a unique team of typemodels from BASIC CPH

An insight on the creative proces with BASIC CPH models, BüroJantzen & Garia Golf

The email from the cool photographer, Ulrik Jantzen clearly stated that their upcoming shoot with Garia Golf and Leisure cars was planned to be wild! "We play as we go! Jet, maybe helicopter. Hangar, supercars, big dogs in leash. Stuffed tiger. Fuck me hard vibe. 20cm heigh heels. cat suit, drivers, big hats Take me to Hollywood, it is the top of the pop and the styling must go completely crazy". Ulrik Jantzen was thus looking for models who were ready to go all in on the exclusive, provocative and playful expression with full gas behind the wheel in the styled golf carts and on the creative locations. They were in need of some unique cool typemodels!


BASIC CPH is the model- and actors agency with the many cool typemodels

The task was absolutely perfect with us at BASIC CPH as we as an agency tries to embrace all kinds of cool, beautiful, classic, different and creative types of models and actors, so we are always ready to attack any kind of model/actor tasks which comes to us! That is also the reason why we quickly found a strong team of 13 models ready to do the job. Among them was all from the Indian 64-year-old Sukhdev and the Swedish Andreas with his gorgeous red locks to our former NORD cover model Benjamin and the experienced German model Ingo, which BASIC CPH flew directly in from Munich!

The shooting was planned to be spread over 2 days where the models were booked in teams for locations at both Refshaleøen, Inner Nørrebro, The Blue Planet, Carlsberg Byen, The Royal Theater etc. and BASIC CPH helped with a detailed production plan so that all models could reach the planned shoots after a completed styling by the creative stylist, Jesper Hentze. He had not spared on either gold, fur or even spacesuits! In the gallery below you can take a look at the different creative ideas that originated in the different locations as well as how our fantastic teams of models without hesitation threw themselves on cars, in bathing rings, popped champagne and acted into the roles that came with their outfit and lineup. We are certainly also convinced that the models themselves thought that the photoshoot was a really fun process and that they enjoyed being able to "play" with props with the costs of more than several hundred thousand kroner.


Can every type of person get their chance to do model work?

Almost 30 years ago the agency's El Bosso, Sissi Antonsen began to scout all the beautiful faces around her and got the idea to create a diverse type of agency what would take the model and actors industry by storm. BASIC CPH currently contains more than 5000 types of models, including child models, professional models, sportmodels, plussize models and hand- and bodymodels in our model database. The agency really puts an effort into being able to present diversity and all kinds of wonderful typemodels and has always focused on much more than fixed ideals and measurements. Therefore we also encourage everyone to submit an application via the application form on the website and give themselves a change to be discovered. We return to all applicators regardless of outcome within 3 weeks and accept models on an ongoing basis depending on demands and the already existing models we have in our database.

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