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Suit up with our male models on photoshoot

Get inspired for the perfect outfit by our models working with the clothing brands Deerest Copenhagen and Sjölin

Clothes and attitude is on point when our sharp male models show up for photo shoots with various cool men's clothing brands and here in the article you can get some insights into our two collaborations with Deerest Copenhagen and Sjölin, who BASIC CPH have had the pleasure of delivering men of "cool quality" for ;-)

The pictures in the article here are a good potpourri from both material produced in studio and around on locations in the fine Copenhagen city life and nature.


Repeated success with Deerest Copenhagen

In 2020 Deerest Copenhagen contacted BASIC CPH for the first time with the inquiry for our handsome male model, Manfred, whom BASIC CPH have been happy to represent for many years now. Therefore it was also an experienced face who had caught their eye and after a succesful first shoot, they gladly came back and booked him and therefore also others again. Later they have had the cool gentlemen Yaw, Djuma, Mathias, Jeppe, Martin B, Martin D and André on job, where several of them have so far had the pleasure of being booked again afterwards like Manfred. At BASIC CPH we are of course thrilled when the models make such a good impression resulting in clients wanting to choose the same models again. It is both an advantage for the agency and the client as the models are thus familiar with both the brand, format and people, which all contributes to good self-confidence and efficient work.

Especially Martin B has been dressed in the many great suits for several rounds of bookings and has also helped produce themed productions for both Tour De France and Holiday seasons. See for example him in the colorful yellow suit on a bicycle around in CPH and in a super cool velour suit for the New Year's film on the brands Instagram.


Great start with Sjölin

At the end of 2022 BASIC CPH was lucky to catch the eyes from Sjölin with our models. They themselves had been on the site to find a few matches, who they hoped was interested in the job, which included both measuring, fitting and two days of photo shoot with them. It was important to Sjölin that the suits were tailor-made to fit the models perfectly and thus lay the foundation for getting the sharpest looking pictures of their great style and approach to the handwork.

Here it was our male models, Jesper, Yaw and Thomas, who where both allowed to act solo and stand side by side in their nice outfits. The pictures have just started to be published on Sjölins website and their associated Instagram.


Are you our next man in a suit in front of the camera?

If you have a profile with BASIC CPH and want to optimize your odds for the same kind of bookings we always recommend your profile containing a few pictures with at least a nice shirt or a suit, if possible. At a photo session with our photographer we always note men must bring a shirt, as a sharp business look can increase the odds of landing jobs like these and many others of the clients we work with. Banks, Pension funds, Trade Unions, Pharmaceutical and IT companies are just a few of the clients always on the look for sharp business men.

If you are not a model with us yet but are interested in the opportunity, you are of course welcome to apply and try to get the chance to get a profile with us. Find the application form here.