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ZARA on photo shoot with cool child models from BASIC COPENHAGEN KIDS

BASIC CPH are once again proud to be able to present a strong collaboration with the great Spanish clothing brand, ZARA. We bookers at the agency have previously flown our young models to Spain (back in 2019 at the latest) and Iceland (earlier this year) for video and photo shoots, but now the big brand had to produce in the popular metropolis, Copenhagen and here of course BASIC CPH were ready to deliver the gorgeous faces.


The model agency works hard for their models

There is no doubt BASIC CPH have a lot of great adult models as well as child models to offer, and since the very first contact with the big brand, we bookers at the agency have made sure to continuously send new or updated profiles to the Spanish bookers to make them inspired and enticed to look more our way. It finally paid off again and ZARA Kids had initially seen a four-leaf clover of cute girl models from BASIC COPENHAGEN KIDS who suited their wishes and style for their upcoming video and photo shoot. Beautiful Aia, Ellie and the twins Laura and Mille were all ready for fitting and two days of production around in Copenhagen at nice locations with both film and photos in the beautiful weather.

ZARA had teamed up with the production company, The Lab and the cool photographer, Rasmus Weng Carlsen, as well as a bunch of other talented creative people, who together had to make this a success and even in the last days leading up to the production, some decisive decisions were made for the large setup. In addition to the four cute child models there was also a sudden demand for a number of experienced adult models and BASIC CPH quickly came up with a presentation of great faces ZARA could choose from.


BASIC CPH got the first adult models on job with ZARA

It was with big excitement for the model agency that ZARA came back again and had decided six BASIC CPH models had great potential for their booking and thus our experienced Martin, Thomas, Jenny, Sergi, Andreas and Nasima also ended up at the big video and photo shoot. It is the first time ZARA has chosen to also include adult models and therefore we see even greater potential in a continued strong collaboration with the Spanish brand, who regularly has photo and video shoots around the world.

Since this major production ZARA has already supplemented with two more photo shoots together with our young girl models. We are proud of them having made such a good impression and it just confirms that the long-term work towards building a good collaboration absolutely pays off and is simply a win-win situation for both our many great models and us as an agency.


The importance of a good and updated profile

If you have a profile with BASIC CPH then it is the biggest recommendation that you keep it as updated and great looking as possible. We offer a photo session in the studio at our office at Nørrebro in Copenhagen and would always recommend you getting a series of professional photos taken, which can set the good looking frame work for your portfolio with us, regardless of whether you know a photographer yourself or use our facilities. A strong headshot can make the big difference for clients spotting you on our website and we can send our clients a great sedcard on you for presentations. In addition we bookers at BASIC CPH always prioritize sending the fresh and updated profiles for our clients, because we can count on looks and sizes being correct and thus the odds of bookings are even greater. Write one of the bookers on the contact page if you want an appointment with us or send some fresh photos if you have some good up-to-date material lying around.


Psst.. you can already spot some of the pictures from the production on ZARA KIDS' instagram.